MSE PRO 304SS CR2032 Coin Cell Case Sets (Case, Spring and Spacer) for Battery Research, pack of 100 sets

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Product Details:

CR2032 is one of the most popular coin cells which is widely used for small electronics. In battery research field, CR2032 is the most popular half-cell for electrochemical performance characterizations of active electrode materials. The name of CR2032 is defined by International standard IEC 60086. The first letter, C, identifies the chemical composition “lithium” and a nominal voltage (3V) of battery. The second letter, R, indicates a round (cylindrical) form. The first two digits encode the outer diameter of battery in mm. The last two digits are the overall height of battery in tenths of mm. Therefore, CR2032 stands for “lithium, 20 mm diameter, 3.2 mm height”.

Each coin cell case set includes one 304SS CR2032 case, one conical spring and one spacer. You can also order them separately. 

Stainless Steel 304SS CR2032 Coin Cell Cases for Battery Research

Stainless Steel 304SS Conical Spring for CR2032 Case

Stainless Steel (304SS) Spacer (15.8 mm Dia. x 0.2 mm T) for CR2016, CR2025, CR2032 Coin Cell Research