MSE PRO 25.4x25.4 mm (1x1") Square Dry Pellet Pressing Die Set

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25.4x25.4 mm (1x1") Square Dry Pellet Pressing Die Set

The 25.4x25.4 mm (1x1") square dry pellet pressing die set uses pressure to compress powder into cuboid pellet. The die is made from high quality, high hardness carbon steel, which ensures a successful compression of both ceramic and metal powders into pellet form. A common use of pellet pressing die sets is to create pellets of potassium bromide (KBr) for use in infrared spectroscopy. Additional uses for laboratory pellets can be found in the minerals, ceramic, or pharmaceutical industries.

In order to grind the desired materials into the correct granularity of powder (from millimeters to microns), we recommend using either our powder processing ball milling products & accessories or our agate mortar & pestle sets.

To avoid rust, store the pressing die set in a dry environment and clean after each use. If you do not intend to use for an extended period of time, it is recommended to apply some oil on the pressing die surfaces to avoid the formation of rust. MSE Supplies is not responsible for rust or damage caused by improper use. Please inspect the pressing die upon arrival. Pressing dies are considered consumables, the warranty only covers manufacturing defects.

Pressing die is considered as consumables which is not covered by warranty.



25.4x25.4 mm (1x1") Square Dry Pellet Pressing Die Set



Die material

Alloy steel: Cr12MoV

Pressing Force: maximum 30 metric Ton



Sample size (M)


Cavity depth (N)


Dimensions (LxH)




Die Operation Guide:

    Pressing Die Set Pressing Force and Pressure Conversion