MSE PRO 23L Automatic Benchtop Vacuum Autoclave, Class B Standard

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MSE PRO™ 23L Automatic Benchtop Vacuum Autoclave, Class B Standard

The MSE PRO™ Benchtop Autoclave extracts vacuum and fills steam into the sterilization room for many times to make the sterilization chamber reach a certain vacuum degree, and then fills saturated steam to reach the set pressure and temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization of the sterilized substance. It is widely used in damp heat sterilization of medical equipment, sanitary materials, etc.


  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Equipped with multiple safety devices such as over-temperature protection and door safety interlocks.
  • High-Efficiency Air Filter: Incorporates a 0.22µm air filter ensuring sterile air and preventing re-contamination.
  • Intuitive LCD Touch Screen: Displays real-time data including temperature, pressure, and operational status for user convenience.
  • Versatile Sterilization Programs: There are fast procedures, encapsulation procedures, rubber procedures, dressing procedures, liquid procedures, liquid customization, solid customization and other procedures, as well as B&D testing, vacuum testing procedures, and appointment procedures.
  • Data Recording: Comes standard with a thermal printer and USB interface to document the sterilization process.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

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Category Applicable Scope Not Applicable Scope Remarks
Downward Displacement Pressure Steam Sterilizer (Type N) Suitable for the disinfection of heat-resistant items, commonly used for dressing, liquid medicine, laboratory waste, and non-porous items. Cannot be used for sterilizing textile and powdered items. Cannot sterilize piped items. Not suitable for sterilizing surgical instruments, hollow items, and dental handpieces. Earliest used.
Pre-vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer (Type B) Suitable for disinfection of piped items, porous items, and textile items at high temperature. Cannot be used for liquid, oil, and powder sterilization. Widely used in hospitals.
High-speed Pressure Steam Sterilizer (Type S) Suitable for the disinfection of specific piped items, porous items, and textile items. When the required items are high temperature disinfection, it is necessary to verify the same sterilization effect. Cannot be used for textile, surgical instruments, liquid, oil, and powder sterilization. Less used in hospitals, mainly designed for specific item application.


SKU# LS1373
Capacity 23 L
Sterilization Class Class B
Door Automatic
Max Design Pressure -0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa
Water Tank Volume 3.5 L
Sterilization Temperature 105 ℃ ~ 134 ℃
Ambient Temp 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Chamber Material S30408 stainless steel
Atmospheric Pressure 76 ~ 106 KPa

110 V / 60 Hz

Wiring method: air switch (plug is not included)

Power 3000 W
Chamber Size (φ x L) φ250 x 450 mm
External Size (W x D x H) 680 x 485 x 450 mm
Standard Accessories Tray, USB port