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MSE PRO 200mm Ar Glovebox Compatible Compact Vacuum Sealer For Vacuum Pre-Sealing

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MSE PRO™ 200mm Ar Glovebox Compatible Compact Vacuum Sealer For Vacuum Pre-Sealing

MSE Supplies offers a benchtop heating vacuum sealer for pouch cell research. It can be used for pouch cell vacuum sealing after electrolyte injection. 

Vacuum pump is not included. Vacuum pump is available for purchase with additional cost.  


  • This compact vacuum sealers mainly used for sealing aluminum-laminated case in glove box after injection of electrolyte into pouch Li-ion cell or after formation for final seal (polymer Li-Ion cell). Heatable sealer blade is built into the chamber, automatically sealing the aluminum film pouch case for polymer battery.
  • Thanks to its compact design, it can easily pass the glove box chamber.

*If used in glove box, please periodically check the seal in case of any oil leak 

SKU BR0297
Maximum Sealing Size 200mm 
Edge Sealing Width 5mm, can be customized
Vacuum Level -95kPa Max.  (Vacuum pump is not included)
Sealing Blade Hard type (without rubber, only for Al case sealing,

not suitable for sealing case with tab in between). Not suitable for top sealing.

Heating Temperature room temperature to 250 ℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1.5℃
Sealing Pressure 0~7 kg/cmadjustable
Outer Dimension 470 x 430 x 480mm (L x W x H)
Heating Time 0~99s adjustable
Voltage 110V 60Hz
Power 600W
Net Weight 50kg
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support (Rusted and damaged parts due to improper storage condition or maintenance are excluded from product warranty)