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MSE PRO Benchtop 2-Head Water Aspirator Vacuum Pump

  • $ 59750

Product details:

MSE Supplies offers an oil-free, portable, chemical resistant, 2-head recirculating water aspirator pump. It has unique features such as low maintenance, low noise, no oil change and long durability. It is an economical vacuum solution for lab applications, such as for rotary evaporation and filtration.

      Brand MSE PRO
      Circulating Pump Flow Rate (L/min) 60
      Circulating Pump Lift (m) 8
      Connect Head  2
      Ultimate Vacuum (KPa) 98
      Total Power (W) 180
      Tank Capacity (L) 15
      Dimension (mm) 400x280x420
      Weight (kg) 15
      Voltage (V) 110V Single Phase
      Compatible MSE PRO Rotary Evaporator 



      Product figure is for reference only. Actual product may look different based on configurations. Please contact us for customization or bulk orders.