MSE PRO 1M LiTFSI in DME/DOL 1:1 (v/v) with 1wt% LiNO<sub>3</sub> Electrolyte Solution for Li-S Battery R&D, 1 kg - MSE Supplies LLC

MSE PRO 1M LiTFSI in DME/DOL 1:1 (v/v) with 2wt% LiNO3 Electrolyte for Li-S Battery, 1 kg

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MSE PRO™ 1M LiTFSI in DME/DOL 1:1(v/v) with 2wt%

LiNOElectrolyte for Li-S Battery, 1 kg

Product Details:

The lithium–sulfur (Li–S) battery is a type of rechargeable battery with high specific energy on the order of 550 Wh/kg. The low atomic weight of lithium and moderate atomic weight of sulfur means that Li–S battery weight is relatively light. Li-S batteries also have reduced cost compared with Li-ion batteries (LIBs) due to the use of sulfur instead of cobalt.

The electrolyte plays a key role in Li–S batteries. Common organic carbonates such as EC and DEC used in LIBs are not compatible with Li-S battery chemistry system. Cyclic ethers (e.g. dioxolane, DOL) or short-chain ethers (e.g. dimethoxyethane, DME) are widely utilized in Li-S batteries.

1M LiTFSI (Lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide) in DME/DOL 1:1(v/v) with 2wt% LiNO3 electrolyte is one of the most widely used electrolyte in Li-S batteries. LiNO3 is taken as additive for lithium surface passivation. MSE Supplies contains such solution suitable for Li-S battery coin cell R&D. We can also customize solvent volume ratio, additive type and ratio and the electrolyte salt type. Please contact us to discuss your need and get a quote on custom-made electrolytes

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Shipping and handling: This material is classified as a hazmat and requires special packaging and shipping to comply with regulatory requirements. Please contact us for specific details with shipping and handling.

Product Name 1M LiTFSI in DME/DOL 1:1 (v/v) with 2wt% LiNOElectrolyte
SKU# BR0503
Package 1 kg/bottle
Color Colorless
1 mol/L (1 M)
LiNO 2 wt%
Moisture ≤20 ppm
Free Acid (as HF) ≤30 ppm
Chromaticity ≤50 Hazen
Density (25 degree) 1.15±0.05 g/mL
Conductivity (ms/cm) 11.00±0.5 mS/cm


  • This electrolyte solution has extremely low water content (≤20ppm); Please handle under moisture free environment (preferably inside a glove box).
  • Keep containers tightly closed. Keep away from heat and ignition sources.
  • Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid storing together with oxidizers.