MSE PRO 15-50% RH Desiccator Cabinet for Electronics and Semiconductors

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MSE PRO 15-50% RH Desiccator Cabinet for Electronics and Semiconductors

MSE Supplies offers a 15-50% RH Desiccator Cabinet, which is widely used in laboratories, precision instrument handling, semiconductor moldings, and optical lens production. It serves the critical function of providing a controlled low-humidity environment. Its primary purpose is to safeguard moisture-sensitive items from moisture-related damage or degradation.

In laboratories, it preserves hygroscopic samples and chemicals to ensure experiment accuracy. For precision instruments like spectrometers and microscopes, the drying box prevents moisture-induced damage to electronic components. In semiconductor molding, it stores semiconductor chips to maintain their performance and reliability. In optical lens production, it prevents fogging or damage caused by moisture. They play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and functionality of moisture-sensitive materials and equipment.

Main Features:

  • The cabinet features an automatic verification reminder function, complying with ISO calibration standards.
  • It incorporates temperature and humidity flashing alerts, along with audible alarms, allowing users to set upper and lower limits for temperature and humidity alarms as needed.
  • All products come equipped with an RS-232 signal output port, enabling the management software to retrieve temperature and humidity data at any time.
  • The cabinet is made of industrial-grade fire-resistant material, capable of withstanding heat up to 230 degrees Celsius without deformation or melting risks.  

Technical Specifications:

SKU MA2130 MA2131
Temperature and Humidity Accuracy ±3.0% RH, ±1.0℃
Humidity Range Relative Humidity15~50% RH
Control Method Adjustable Setpoint
Outer Dimensions (mm) W905*D452*H1045 W1200*D672*H1820
Inner Dimensions (mm) W903*D425*H870 W1198*D645*H1618
Capacity (L) 328 1250
Number of Shelves 3 pieces 5 pieces
Max. Loading Capacity of each Shelves 50 kg 80 kg
Power AC110V, 60Hz, Max. 295W AC110V, 60Hz, Max. 585W