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MSE PRO 1200°C Economy Box Furnace B 7/12

SKU: MA0461

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MSE PRO™ 1200°C Economy Box Furnace B 7/12

MSE supplies offers a Economy Box Furnace B 7/12 maximum operation temperature of 1100°C and capacity of 7L. With its convincing price/performance ratio and the fast heat-up rates, this box furnace is mainly used for sintering and oxidation experiments of ceramic, composite, metal, nano, functional, thermoelectric and crystal materials, etc.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Main Features:

  • High current protection guarantees long service life
  • High heating rate
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Easy-to-operate
  • With PID adjustment, fuzzy control, and self-tuning functions
  • Programmable controller with 50 segments
  • Can be connected to a laptop for remote control, real-time tracking, history recording and data output
  • Over-temperature protection and electric shock protection
  • The furnace will be powered off automatically if the door is open
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Stainless steel embossed board

      Technical Data:

      Model B 7/12
      SKU# MA0461
      Power 3kW
      • 208V 6A 60Hz single phase as standard, plus is not included 
      • 240V 6A 60Hz single phase  as optional
      Capacity 7L
      Maximum Temperature 1200℃
      Time Needed for Tmax 20min
      Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
      Heating element High Resistance Electrothermal Alloy Wire OCr27A17Mo2
      Temperature Control Programmable temperature control system with 50 segments 
      Chamber Dimension 300*200*120mm
      Outer Dimension 590*460*692mm
      Weight 85kg
      Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime support. Not responsible for damage caused by improper use. 

      We offer Economy Box Furnaces with different sizes and Tmax . For more information, please contact us.