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MSE PRO 10mL Gold (Au) Nanostars Water Dispersion, 50μg/mL

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MSE PRO™ 10mL Gold (Au) Nanostars Water Dispersion, 50μg/mL

MSE supplies offers Gold (Au) Nanostars Water Dispersion, 50μg/mLGold (Au) nanostars water dispersion showcases non-spherical gold nanomaterials with remarkable near-infrared surface plasmon resonance, making them ideal for converting light into heat in photothermal therapy. Widely employed in cancer imaging, such as intraoperative Raman-guided tumor resection, and photothermal tumor treatments, these nanostars possess tunable optical properties that offer versatility. Innovative designs enable the coupling of chemotherapy drugs, enhancing their potency. With multiple corners featuring field amplification effects, they excel in biosensors, surface plasmon resonance enhancement, and biosensing applications.

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Technical Specifications:

CAS Number


Chemical Formula





10 mL/bottle


50 μg/mL

Modifying Material


Optical Density

0.8 – 1.0


4°C in a light-protected environment


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