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MSE PRO 10mL Gold (Au) Nanorods Dispersion in Organic Solvent, 0.1mg/mL

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MSE PRO™ 10mL Gold (Au) Nanorods Dispersion in Organic Solvent, 0.1mg/mL

MSE supplies offers Gold (Au) Nanorods Dispersion in Organic Solvent, 0.1mg/mL. Gold (Au) nanorods redefine applications across industries, proficient in constructing nano-drug carriers, enabling photothermal therapy, photoacoustic imaging, and surface-enhanced Raman imaging, optimize computed tomography (CT). These nanorods facilitate the construction of multi-mode nanometer probes and multi-functional nano-carriers, also serving as anti-counterfeiting materials. Vital in organic system surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, they elevate detection capabilities. Their pivotal role in fuel cell technology promises groundbreaking advancements in energy conversion.

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Technical Specifications:

CAS Number


Chemical Formula



10 mL/bottle


0.1 mg/mL



The following solvents are available upon request: chloroform, toluene, cyclohexane, acetone, DMSO, DMF, acetonitrile, NMP, ethyl acetate, methylene chloride, tetraethyl orthosilicate, etc.


4°C in a light-protected environment


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