100 pcs of 18650 Cylinder Cell Case with Anti-Explosive Cap and Insulation O-ring,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO 100 pcs of 26650 Cylinder Cell Case with Anti-Explosive Cap and Insulation O-ring

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Product Details:

100 pieces of cylinder case with anti-explosive cap and insulation O-ring for 26650 cell assembly. 



Qty. 100 pieces

21700 Battery Case Dimensions

26.0mm(OD) x 25.5mm (ID) x 68.0mm (H)



Top Cap

Dimensions: 25.5m (D) x 5.0mm (H)

Safety valve's open pressure: 2.5MPa

 (the cap valve will open to release interior

 high pressure if over 2.5MPa to ensure

 no explosion from the can)

Net Weight

18.75 g per piece


This is a cylindrical case for a battery cell to ensure that it does not explode over time. Battery case dimensions here are 26.0 mm (OD) x 25.5 mm (ID) x 68.0 mm (H). Each piece has a weight of 18.75 grams per piece, allowing it to be transported in bulk. From this website, you can purchase a total of 100 pieces at once.

High Quality

Every cylinder cell case is made from high quality insulation material, present at the top and the bottom. Being available with an insulation O-Ring and an anti-explosive case, the cell assembly is protected from accidents. Both case and cap are made from Nickel-plated A3 steel, and the O-Ring is made from Nylon.

PTC Thermistor For Safety

For protection and safety, a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Thermistor has been incorporated in into the cap. If heat goes above 120 degrees C, it will automatically break the current.  

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