MSE PRO 100 mm Schott Borofloat 33 Glass Wafer, 500 um Thick, DSP, w/ Bevel, Primary Flat Only

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High quality 4 inch Schott Borofloat 33 Glass wafers are in stock for immediate shipment. Order 100mm Borofloat 33 Glass wafers with best price on the market from a trusted materials science supplier, MSE Supplies.

Custom made Borofloat 33 Glass wafers and substrates are available upon request. Please contact us for a quote. 

Other Schott borosilicate glass wafers are also available upon request. For example, customized Schott D 263 and N-BK7 glass wafers and slides can be supplied by MSE Supplies. D 263® bio is a colorless borosilicate glass with a homogeneous, low intrinsic auto fluorescence across the spectrum. Tight, controlled refractive index tolerances ensure consistent, high optical transmission properties and diagnostic results. It offers great chemical stability and resistance to reagents as used in microarray and diagnostic protocols.

Product Number: WA0901

Material: Schott Borofloat 33 borosilicate glass (composition: 81% SiO2, 13% B2O3, 4% Na2O/K2O, 2% Al2O3)

Grade: Schott Borofloat 33 Glass

Diameter: 100 +/- 0.1 mm

Thickness: 500 +/- 25 um

Primary Flat: 32.5 +/- 2.0 mm (primary flat only)

Surface Polishing: Double Side Polished (DSP) with surface roughness Ra < 1 nm on both the top surface and bottom surface

Surface Finish: S/D 40/20

TTV: < 10 um

Edge: with Bevel, C shape CNC edge grounding

Chemical Composition of Schott Borofloat Borosilicate Glass

    The performance requirements for glass wafers used for anodic bonding or as carrier wafers in wafer thinning processes are mainly determined by their ability to perfectly match those of the silicon wafer to which they shall be permanently or temporarily bonded. Well-adapted thermal expansion behavior is as important as excellent flatness and process robustness. BOROFLOAT glass wafers provide such outstanding material properties along with exceptionally high UV transmission a special requirement for high speed laser de-bonding processes.

    100 mm Silicon wafers (P type and N type) are also available from MSE Supplies.

    BOROFLOAT 33 from Germany is the world's first floated borosilicate flat glass. It combines superior quality and excellent flatness with outstanding thermal, optical, chemical and mechanical features. The chemical composition and physical properties of BOROFLOAT 33 are in accordance with DIN ISO 3585 and EN 1748 T1.

    Optional Transmission of Schott Borofloat Glass

    Key Benefits of Borofloat Glass:

    Outstanding thermal resistance

    Exceptionally high transparency

    High chemical durability

    Excellent mechanical strength

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