MSE PRO 1-50% RH Nitrogen (N2) Cabinet for Electronics and Semiconductors

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MSE PRO 1-50% RH Nitrogen (N2) Cabinet for Electronics and Semiconductors

MSE Supplies offers a 1-50% RH N2 Desiccator Cabinet, which is widely used in laboratories, precision instrument handling, semiconductor moldings, and optical lens production. It is designed to protect moisture-sensitive electronic components and valuable collections from moisture damage and oxidation using nitrogen (N2). The humidity range is adjustable from 1% to 50% RH.

Main Features:

  • Display Modes: The cabinet features a microcomputer decimal LED display, providing a temperature display precision of ±1°C and a humidity precision of ±3%RH.
  • Cabinet Structure: Constructed with 1mm carbon steel coated with antistatic paint, utilizing a special steel structure with overlapping components to ensure good containment.
  • Data Recording: It is crucial to verify that the storage conditions meet the required standards. Users can directly connect notebook PCs to the cabinet's RS232 port to acquire data or use our data logger for recording. With this function, historical fluctuations in relative humidity and temperature can be clearly displayed in a graph. This patented function allows easy verification of whether the objects are stored under proper conditions, making it convenient for those conducting quality assurance procedures.
  • Calibration Reminder: Sensor drift can affect accuracy. To assist compliance with ISO regulations, this model incorporates a unique calibration expiration reminder function. When the sensor operates for over 365 days, the decimal point on the panel will flash to remind the user.
  • Alert Settings: Alerts are available in two forms: flashing and buzzing. The alert is activated when the relative humidity or temperature exceeds a certain level.

Technical Specifications:

SKU MA2136 MA2137 (6 doors)
Temperature and Humidity Accuracy ±3.0% RH, ±1.0℃
Humidity Range Relative Humidity: 1~50%RH (Adjustable)
Flowmeter 5~25 L/min Top Flowmeter
Control Method Adjustable Setpoint
Outer Dimensions (WxDxH) 905x452x1045 mm 1200x672x1820 mm
Inner Dimensions (WxDxH) 903x425x870 mm 1198x644x1618 mm
Capacity 328 L 1250 L
Number of Shelves 3 pieces 5 pieces
Max. Loading Capacity of each Shelves 50 kg 80 kg
Power AC110V, 60Hz AC110V, 60Hz