MSE PRO 0.5L (500 ml) PTFE Teflon Roller Mill Grinding Jar

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    Product SKU: JA0713

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Specifications for PTFE Teflon Roller Mill Grinding Jars

  • This family of PTFE Teflon grinding/milling jars are for roller ball mills.
  • Each jar set includes grinding jar, jar lid, silicone sealing gasket, a clamp and a spacer between the lid and the clamp.
  • Milling media sold separately

  • Anti-leak design, easy to clamp and roll.
  • PTFE / Teflon milling/grinding jars are non-sticky.
  • Teflon grinding jars have been widely used because of the minimal contamination and easy-to-clean benefits.

    Features of PTFE Teflon Roller Mill Grinding Jars

    Product Number: JA0713

    Material: PTFE /Teflon

    Jar Volume: 500 ml (0.5 L)

    Density: 2.14 g/cm3

    Shape: Cylindrical

    Color: White

    Abrasion Resistance: Very good

    Accessories: Lid, silicone sealing gasket, spacer, and a clamp