Moorfield nanoETCH (Benchtop Soft Etch System for Graphene & 2D Materials)

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MSE Supplies offers nanoETCH from Moorfield. It is a benchtop soft-etching system for graphene and 2D materials. It is equipped with a high-uniformity plasma etching stage and an RF power supply for plasma generation. The nanoETCH is available in two configurations: for Soft Etching, ideal for delicate work with graphene and 2D materials, and for fluorine-chemistry plasmas for applications needing a more aggressive approach (h-BN sidewalls, h-BN bulk etching, SiO2 etching,...).

Moorfield nanoETCH tools can be fitted with stages for 3″/75 mm, 4″/100 mm or 6″/150 mm maximum substrate diameters.

Today, nanoETCH tools are installed globally in leading graphene/2D material research labs including ICFO (Spain), the Cambridge Graphene Centre and the UK National Graphene Institute.

Country of Origin: Made in UK

Manufacturer: Moorfield Nanotechnology

Main Features:

  • Benchtop configuration
  • Soft-etching technology: Precision RF power < 30W
  • MFC-controlled process gases
  • Up to 6”/150 mm diameter stages
  • Fully automatic operation via touchscreen HMI
  • Define/save multiple process recipes
  • PC connection for data-logging
  • Base pressures < 5 × 10-7 mbar
  • Equipped for easy servicing
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Proven performance


  • High-accuracy pressure measurement & control
  • Ultra-high resolution RF power control
  • Dry backing pump
  • Fast chamber vent
  • Additional MFC-controlled process gas lines
  • Stage sizes of 3”, 4” or 6” 

System requirements (standard configuration):

  • Process gases: 25 psi supplies, 99.99% purity or better
  • Service gas: Dry compressed air, nitrogen or argon. 60–80 psi supply
  • Power: Single-phase 230V, 50Hz, 10A
  • Coolant: 18–20°C, 1 L/min, pressure < 4 bar
  • Exhaust extraction

Typical Configuration:

Graphene Soft Etching: nanoETCH base package with high-resolution RF power control, Argon (Ar) and Oetchant gases, capacitance manometer and high-resolution gas and automatic pressure control, and a 3”, 4” or 6” diameter substrate stage.

Fluorinated Etchant Gases for RIE: nanoETCH base package with fluorinated gases module for SF6 or CHF3, automatic purge and cleaning routines, capacitance manometer and high-resolution gas and automatic pressure control, and a 3”, 4” or 6” diameter substrate stage.

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About Moorfield: Moorfield was incorporated in 1995. Moorfield are a team of scientists and engineers specializing in the design, manufacture, supply, and support of vacuum deposition (PVD and CVD), etching and annealing systems. The systems manufactured by Moorfield are applied for research, product development and batch production. Applications include semiconductors, photovoltaics, superconductors, sensors, optics, graphene and 2D materials. Academic and industrial markets are served worldwide, both direct and through a network of authorized, trained representatives.

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Moorfield Nanotechnology in the USA.