Milling Media Set for 1L (1000 ml) Tungsten Carbide Planetary Mill Jar (Polished),  MSE Supplies

Milling Media Set for 1.5L (1500 ml) Tungsten Carbide Planetary Mill Jar (Polished)

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Description for 1.5L (1500 ml) Tungsten Carbide Planetary Mill Jar Milling Media Set (Polished)

  • This WC milling media set contains: 7954 pieces 3mm, 2863 pieces 5mm, and 143 pieces 10mm polished Tungsten Carbide balls for optimal ball milling.
  • Density: 14.95 g/cm3
  • Shape: Spherical
  • Character: Excellent abrasion resistance for ball milling of hard materials.

Tungsten Carbide Grinding/Milling Media Balls Specifications

      Highly polished tungsten carbide ball mill grinding media balls, highly wear-resistant and resistant to acid and alkali. High hardness, can meet the vast majority of metal powder crushing and refining. They are extensively applied to in the fields of Metallurgy, Ceramics, Electronics, Light Industry, Paint, Medicine, Geology, Chemical Engineering and so on.

      General specifications

      Product SKU#: BA0787

      Main material


      Chemical composition

      wt %

      Tungsten carbide (WC)


      Cobalt (Co)