MicroVacuum EQCM Cell for QSH-Dip sensor holder


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This is a stationary solution voltammetry cell for simultaneous measurements of electrochemical response and Quartz Crystal Microbalance sensing. This EQCM cell has been developed specifically for QSH-Dip sensor holder supplied by MicroVacuum. This holder exposes the sensing side of the QCM sensor and is otherwise sealed, so that it can be immersed into a cell full of liquid. In this configuration, a thin film of measured material is deposited directly on sensing side of the QCM sensor. The EQCM cell is compatible with QCM-I Mini (QCM-D) and QCM-I (QCM-D) systems with impedance measurement and dissipation monitoring. The QSH-Dip sensor holder (not included in the cell) is mounted in a top casing together with counter or/and reference electrodes (also not included). Such electrode assembly allows measurements in either 2-, or 3-electrode setup. There are two additional 6 mm dia. electrode ports in the lid, plugged if not used. The cell elements are constructed with materials that are inert to the sample (glass and PEEK). It well fits aqueous (FKM O-Rings) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Rings) electrolyte requirements. The construction is gas-tight and can be used when the removal and exclusion of contaminants such as oxygen and water is required by bubbling of an inert gas through the electrolyte.

Application note
The reference electrode tip should be placed at the lever of a QCM sensor center. This will ensure a negligible potential drop throughout the electrolyte solution for low-current experiment. Various auxiliary electrodes are suitable for this cell including metal wire and metal foil electrodes as well as graphite rod. The bubbling of gas through the solution must be stopped prior to experiment.

compatibility with QCM systems: QCM-I Mini (QCM-D), QCM-I (QCM-D)
compatibility with QCM holder: QSH-Dip sensor holder
minimum electrolyte volume: 50 mL
maximum electrolyte volume: 85 mL
glass chamber nominal volume: 140 mL

Product includes
1 x lid
1 x holder mount
1 x glass chamber 140 mL
3 x plug – 0005CPEMA