MgO Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal Substrates

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High quality MgO magnesium oxide crystals are used are used widely for various thin film applications and as optical windows. Customized MgO crystal substrates and windows are available upon request. Learn more about magnesium oxide crystals from MSE Supplies below. 

Main Parameters

Growth method

Special Arc Melting

Typical purity 99.95%

Crystal structure


Unit cell constant

a = 4.212 Å

Melting point (°C)


Crystal purity



3.58 (g/cm3)


5.5 (Mohs)

Thermal Expansion Coefficient, CTE (/K)

11.2 x 10-6

Crystal orientation

(100), (110), (111)

Optical transmission

>90% (200~400nm), >98% (500~1000nm)

Dielectric constant



10x10 mm, 20x20 mm, 1 inch diameter, 2 inch diameter, 60 mm diameter

3 inch MgO wafers and 4 inch MgO wafers are available upon request

Special sizes and orientations are available upon request

Standard thickness

0.5mm or 1.0mm


Single or double side polished (SSP or DSP)

Crystal orientation

+/- 0.5 degree

Surface roughness, Ra:

< 0.5 nm (5 um x 5 um area)


packaged with class 100 clean bag in a class 1000 clean room


Applications of MgO single crystal substrates and optical windows:

  • Substrate for high temperature superconducting film formation, such as YBCO film (filter used for communication and space observation)
  • Substrate for ferroelectric film formation, such as PZT film (infrared ray sensor used for thermometer and thermoregulator)
  • Substrate for diamond growth
  • Substrate for magnetic film formation (MRAM, TMR)
  • Optical window with anti-reflective (AR) coating - please contact us for a quote
MgO window with AR coating