Metkon Economy Automatic Mounting Press ECOPRESS 52

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MSE Supplies offers an Economy Automatic Mounting Press ECOPRESS 52. After cutting the specimen the next step is mounting. The purpose of mounting is to handle small or odd-shaped specimens, provide good edge retention and to protect fragile materials, thin layers, or coatings during preparation. Mounting produces specimens of uniform size makes it easier to handle in automatic holders for further preparation steps. Metallographic specimens are typically "mounted" using a hot compression thermosetting resin. A typical mounting cycle will compress the specimen and mounting media and heat to a temperature.
ECOPRESS 52 is a cost effective automatic digital mounting press with hydraulic pressure (requires no air). It is fully automatic and suitable for all current hot mounting
materials used in materialography. User friendly touch-pad controls for mounting parameters provide high productivity with last parameter settings being retained in the memory.

Country of Origin: Made in Turkey

Manufacturer: Metkon Instruments Inc.

Main Features:

  • Cost-effective
  • Fully automatic
  • User friendly touch - pad controls
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    Technical Specifications

    Max. Pressure, (bar) 300
    Max. Temperature, (0C) 200
    Heating Power, (W) 1650
    Water Cooling Yes
    Slow Cooling Yes
    Operation Automatic/Hydraulic
    Display Digital Display
    Mould Assembly, (mm) 25-50
    Size W x D x H, (cm) 36 x 55 x 48
    Weight, (kg) 37
    Power Supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz. 1 ph.


    • Mould Assemblies
    • Spare Part Kit
    • Power Supply Transformer kit for 115 V, 50/60 Hz. 1 ph.
    • Other Accessories


    • Hot Mounting Powder

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        About Metkon: Since 1993, METKON as a young and dynamic company, has delivered more than 20,000 instruments globally. Metkon provides innovative Sample Preparation, Testing Instruments and Consumables for Materials and Microstructure Analysis. It offers expertise and know-how to our customers worldwide to enable them to reach the "True and Excellent Sample". 

        MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Metkon Instrument Inc.