Diamond/CBN Cut-off Wheels

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Metkon Diamond/CBN Cut-off Wheels

MSE Supplies offers both Diamond and CBN Abrasive Cut-off Wheels from Metkon. These cut-off wheels both work perfectly with the Metkon Abrasive Cutting Machines and are compatible with a variety of other Abrasive Cutting Machines. Selecting the right cut-off wheel ensures freedom from burn and distortion and is the best way to save time and consumables. Correct cutting produces specimens in perfect conditions for the following preparation steps. Diamond and CBN Cut-off Wheels are used to cut super hard materials since they are the hardest materials in the world. CBN cut-off wheels are used when the materials they cut into can react with carbon, which is the element that makes up diamond.

Several factors are essential for choosing the appropriate blade. These include: diamond concentration (low and high), diamond bond (metal plate), diamond size (fine or medium), blade diameter and blade thickness. The diamond concentration is important because it directly affects the load applied during cutting. For example, brittle materials such as ceramics require higher effective loads to section, whereas ductile materials such as metals require more cutting points. The result is that low concentration blades are recommended for sectioning hard brittle materials such as ceramics while high concentration blades are recommended for ductile materials containing a large fraction of metal or plastic. Metal bonded wheels are used for cutting brittle materials, such as ceramics or minerals, while resin bonded wheels are used for more ductile materials, such as sintered carbides or composites containing predominantly hard phases. 

Manufacturer: Metkon Instruments Inc.

Technical Parameters

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About Metkon: Since 1993, METKON as a young and dynamic company, has delivered more than 20,000 instruments globally. Metkon provides innovative Sample Preparation and Testing Instruments and Consumables for Materials and Microstructure Analysis. It offers expertise and know-how to our customers worldwide to enable them to reach the "True and Excellent Sample". 

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