Melt Spinner PA 500, Made in Germany by Edmund Buhler,  MSE Supplies

Melt Spinner PA 500, Made in Germany by Edmund Buhler

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MSE Supplies is the exclusive distributor of Edmund Buhler products in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Max charge: 100 - 500 g
emperature range: up 1700°C
Vacuum: < 10-2 - 10-5 mbar
Generator power: 25 kW
Spinning Wheel: Copper, water-cooled, dia. 250 x 60 mm
Crucible: Boron nitride or quartz


- Semi-automated Melt Spinner for max. quantities between 100 and 500 g,
depending on alloy and melting temperature
- High vacuum or argon atmosphere
- Water-cooled copper spinning wheel, water-cooled crucible holder with boron nitride crucible
- Crucible positioning system for precise, reproducible distance between nozzle and wheel and automatic ejection of the melt
- Pressure control via software
- Automated evacuation and flushing of the chamber via software
- Individual programming of the pressure parameters
- Compact system with movable rack, built-in turbomolecular pump and high vacuum gauge.
- Complete with generator, ribbon collecting vessel, valves, and all safety features

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