Li2S Powder, 500 grams, Lithium Sulfide Powder, 99.9% (metals basis), -200 Mesh Powder

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Lithium sulfide, 99.9% (metals basis)
CAS# 12136-58-2 


Chemical Properties

Formula: Li2S
Formula Weight: 45.95 g/cm3
Appearance: White to off-white powder
Form: -200 Mesh Powder (less than 75 microns)
Melting point: 900-975°C
Density: 1.66
Sensitivity: Moisture sensitive
Solubility: soluble in water and ethanol

Applications: It acts as a superconductor and widely used in lithium-sulfur batteries.

Notes: Deliquescent and sensitive to moisture.


Aluminum <200 ppm

Calcium <200 ppm

Iron <75 ppm

Potassium <100 ppm

Sodium <100 ppm

Silicon <100 ppm

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