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Lab Companion Overhead Stirrers (Prestige Touch)

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Lab Companion Overhead Stirrers (Prestige Touch)

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MSE Supplies offers Lab Companion Overhead Stirrers (Prestige Touch) from Jeio Tech. They can ideally perform your professional stirring tasks that require high functionality, safety, and longevity. They are equipped with prestige touch LCD controller and practical external controller which add it’s superiority.

Country of Origin: Made in South Korea

Manufacturer: Jeio Tech

Main Features:

  • Years of vibration-free and silent operation.
  • Equipped with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate smooth, quiet, and yet powerful stirring.
  • Powerful torque capable of handling high viscosity tasks.
  • Various essential information are visible at once and intuitionally controlled.
  • Varying motor torque is indicated on display in real time.
  • Stirring directions are selectable depending on each impeller’s shape.
  • Built-in USB port for external control and data collection.
  • Sturdy aluminum main body efficiently absorbing and emitting the heat generated by the motor.
  • Screen lock function prevents accidental changes during operation.


  • Propeller (3-bladed / 4-bladed)
  • Turbine / Dissolver
  • Half-moon / Centrifugal
  • Anchor / Paddle
  • Propeller (4-bladed)
  • Turbine
  • Half-moon / Centrifugal (PTFE coated)
  • Anchor (Square) / Paddle A
  • Utility clamp 3 prong
  • Utility clamp plat
  • 3 prong clamp
  • 2 prong clamp
  • Fixing clamp
  • Clamp holder (C-10, C-20)
  • Flexible coupling
  • PTFE stirring seals

For accessories, please contact us so we can help you choose appropriate products for your needs.

    Technical Specifications:


    US Plug



    Dimension (W×D×H)

    Overall (inch)


    Net weight (lbs)


    Speed control

    PID feedback control

    Speed range (rpm)

    50 to 1,200

    50 to 2,000

    Chuck range (inch, dia)

    0.1 to 0.4

    Stirring capacity, Max. (L, H2O)



    Viscosity, Max. (cP) 1)

    5,000 (~1,200rpm)

    10,000 (~1,200rpm)

    30,000 (~1,200rpm)

    50,000 (~700rpm)

    5,000 (~2,000rpm)

    10,000 (~1,600rpm)

    30,000 (~600rpm)

    50,000 (~300rpm)

    Torque, Max. (N·cm)



    Motor rating input / output (W)

    71 / 48


    Body / Cover / Motor

    Powder coated aluminum / Polypropylene / BLDC

    Protection class (DIN EN 60529)


    Electrical requirements

    AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz with power adapter

    Power consumption (W)

    5.0 A

    5.0 A

    About Jeio Tech: Jeio Tech products are put through rigorous quality control from the most basic metal processing to final inspections. Based on over 28 years of technical experience in instrument manufacturing, their highly integrated team of engineers strive to deliver outstanding quality to their clients. Their professional know-how will always keep their reputation as the primary partner for the customers research needs.

    MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Jeio Tech.