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Lab Companion Molded Acid Corrosive Cabinet

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Lab Companion Molded Acid Corrosive Cabinet

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MSE Supplies offers Lab Companion Molded Acid Corrosive Cabinet from Jeio Tech.

Country of Origin: Made in South Korea

Manufacturer: Jeio Tech

Main Features:

  • Compact size enables efficient space utilization.
  • Full injection molding of polyethylene materials with excellent chemical resistance for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Suitable for storage of small amounts of corrosive reagents.
    (Max. 18ea based on a 1L reagent basis)
  • Inside of cabinet is designed by with no steel structure for corrosion protection.
  • Use duct connection of existing facility or dedicated hazardous gas removal Fume Extraction Module (EM-33 option) connection.
  • Dedicated the hazardous gas removal module(EM-33) can be selected the validated filter from Jeio tech. (EM-33 and filter is option).


  • Bracket for bench top fume hood
  • EM-33, Extraction module
  • EM-33, Plinth-PMH
  • Bottom Plate

For accessories, please contact us so we can help you choose appropriate products for your needs.

    Technical Specifications:




    Exterior (WxDxH, inch)

    28.3 x 18.6 x 21.1

    Front opening (W x D, inch) 

    22.0 x 12.6

    Ducthole (O.D., inch)


    Net weight (lbs)




    PE (Polyethylene)


    PE (Polyethylene)


    About Jeio Tech: Jeio Tech products are put through rigorous quality control from the most basic metal processing to final inspections. Based on over 28 years of technical experience in instrument manufacturing, their highly integrated team of engineers strive to deliver outstanding quality to their clients. Their professional know-how will always keep their reputation as the primary partner for the customers research needs.

    MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Jeio Tech.