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MSE PRO Lab Attritor Stirred Ball Mill

SKU: MA0807

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Product Features for Lab Attritor Stirred Ball Mill

  • Low vibration, low noise
  • Simple design, easy operation
  • Adjustable speed for different applications
  • Customizable speed range and optional cooling system
  • Variety of jar material choices, such as stainless steel, polyurethane, zirconia etc. 

This lab attritor stirred ball mill is designed for efficiently crushing and breaking down the primary particle size of materials. The high speed rotating axis and grinding media can crush, grind and shear the materials into fine powder. Attritors are widely used in pharmaceutical, mining, food, chemical, metallurgy, ceramics, electronics, materials research and industries. 

MSE Supplies also can offer industrial attritor stirred ball mills with the volume up to 600L. Please Contact Us for quotation.

In addition to attritor stirred ball mills, you can use our Planetary Ball Mills to produce fine powders.

SKU MA0807 MA0808 MA0809 MA0810
Container Volume (L) 1 5 10 20
Load Volume (L) 0.35 1.75 3.5 7
Rotation Speed (RPM) 50-1400 60-560 60-560 60-380
Sample Feed Size (mm) ≤5mm ≤5mm ≤10mm ≤10mm
Voltage (V) 110V Single 110V Single 110V Single 380V Three
Dimension (mm) 660x450x1000 690x430x980 690x430x980 1020x500x1200
Net Weight (kg) 29 150 150 250

Figure is for reference only. The actual product may look different due to difference configurations.