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Kern IoT-Line Stainless Steel Platform Scale SXC 30K-3LM


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Kern IoT-Line Stainless Steel Platform Scale SXC 30K-3LM

MSE Supplies offers a Stainless Steel Platform Scale KERN & SOHN GmbH. They are the ideal helper for getting started with the analysis of your optically active solutions in the laboratory.

Interlinked for industry of the future: Stainless steel platform scale with up to four data interfaces and optional alibi memory, with optional verification.

Country of Origin: Made in Germany

Manufacturer:  KERN & SOHN GmbH

Product Features

  • Ideal for the robust industrial applications
  • Platform: made entirely of stainless steel, hermetically welded stainless steel load cell with protection against dust and water splashes IP68
  • *Display device: stainless steel, dust and splash water protection IP68, integrated power supply
  • Ideal for the increased hygienic requirements in the food industries
  • Superior display size: digit height 48 mm, bright backlight for easy reading of weighing results, even in poor lighting conditions
  • Standardised, convenient KERN concept of operation, consistency across products in terms of design, menu structure, button functions, interface connection and interface protocol
  • Industry 4.0: The exchange of data and control commands is optional using up to four interfaces to suit individual requirements: two wired connections (RS-232, Ethernet, USB or analogue module) and two wireless connections (WiFi, Bluetooth)
  • Each interface can be set up separately, e.g.:
    - Interface 1 (WiFi): Continuous sending to a PC for documentation of a process
    - Interface 2 (RS-232): Print stable weight
    - Interface 3 (analogue module): Controlling a device when the target weight is reached
    - Interface 4 (Bluetooth): Continuous sending to a tablet to monitor a process
  • Data query and remote control of the balance using a computer or CRM/ERP systems using the KERN Communication Protocol
  • Available as an option with alibi memory for paperless archiving of weighing results. This also means the results of weighings with mandatory verification can be electronically evaluated and processed further.

Product Parameters

Weighing capacity [Max] 15 kg; 30 kg
Readability [d] 0,005 kg; 0,01 kg
Verification scale interval [e] 0,005 kg; 0,01 kg
Units kg
Minimum weight [Min] 0,1 kg; 0,2 kg
Dimensions weighing platform (W×D×H) 500×400×120 mm
Dimensions weighing surface (W×D) 500×400 mm
Reproducibility 0,005 kg; 0,01 kg
Linearity ± 0,005 kg; 0,01 kg
Ambient temperature -10 °C – 40 °C
Smallest piece weight when piece counting - normal conditions 10 g
Conformity assessment possible ex works ü
Display type LCD
Display digit height 48 mm
Material weighing plate stainless steel
Material platform Stainless steel
Display device cable length 3 m
Net weight approx. 12 kg
IP protection - complete device -
IP protection - display IP68
IP protection - platform no IP protection
IP protection - load cell IP68
Construction type of the scale Multi-range balance


About KERN & SOHN GmbH: Founded in 1844 and manufactured the most accurate balances of its time. Kern's business became the core cell of the internationally famous, southern German precision balance manufacturing. With over 175 years of experience and the devotion to quality have enabled them to become specialists in the weighing field that stands for precision and reliability. Discover the KERN route to success: fast – competent – reliable – versatile!

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for KERN & SOHN GmbH.