Indium Doped Tin Oxide (ITO) Coated PET Film (ITO/PET) in rolls or one square meter sheets

  • $ 24500

Transparent Conductive PET Film Coated with Indium Doped Tin Oxide (In-SnO2 or ITO) in rolls or one square meter PET film sheets (ITO/PET).

Applications: high quality sputtered ITO films can be used as electrodes for photovoltaic/solar cell, LCD display, electrochemical deposition, capacitors, Infrared detection applications.   

Substrate: PET film

PET substrate thickness: 0.175 mm (175 microns)  or 0.125 mm (125 microns) 

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) of PET is 67–81 °C

Dimensions: Roll width = 800 mm, length can be customized. One square meter (1 m2) sheet dimensions: 1250 mm x 800 mm x 0.175 mm

ITO Coating Sheet Resistance Options: 5~8 ohm/sq, 10~15 ohm/sq, 20~30 ohm/sq, 25~35 ohm/sq, 100~140 ohm/sq, other sheet resistance ITO/PET films are available upon request.

ITO Coating Thickness: ~185 nm (5~8 ohm/sq), ~650 nm (20~30 ohm/sq), ~25 nm (100~140 ohm/sq)

Visible Light Transmittance: >85% (100~140 ohm/sq), >83% (20~30 ohm/sq)>75% (5~8 ohm/sq)

UV absorption >85%, IR reflection >85%, microwave degradation

Customized sizes and sheet resistance options are available upon request.

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