High Purity Zirconia (ZrO<sub>2</sub>) Crucible High Form,  MSE Supplies

High Purity Zirconia (ZrO2) Crucible High Form

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Product details

High purity zirconia (ZrO2) crucibles have excellent wear, chemical and temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature up to 2100°C. It is ideal for the application which requires the temperature higher than Alumina crucible withstand temperature (1600°C), such as melting of precious metals and super-alloys which have melting point higher than 1800°C. 

Powder processing is recommended for the best calcination and sintering results. MSE Supplies offer a variety of balling milling equipment and accessories for powder processing. 

Standard Products and Specifications

Purity: >99%

Maximum temperature: 1800°C (air); 2100 °C (Nitrogen or Vacuum)

Capacity (mL) Top Dia. (mm) Bottom Dia. (mm) Height (mm)
JA1171 15 32 23 33
JA1157 30 38 25 45
JA1158 50 48 30 52
JA1159 100 58 35
Crucible dimensions can be customized upon request. Covers are available for purchase separately with additional cost.


Notes for use

  • Place the crucible in 105 °C oven for 2h to remove the moisture before the first use
  • Do not heat or cool faster than 5 °C/min