High Form Porcelain Crucible with Cover, 10 pieces per pack,  MSE Supplies

High Form Porcelain Crucible with Cover, 10 pieces per pack

  • $ 4500

Product details

Porcelain crucibles have good wear resistance, high temperature tolerance, excellent cold crushing and thermal shock resistance, and excellent chemical corrosion resistance. It is widely used for metallurgy, glass melting, gemstone purification, chemical industry and material science.

Each pack includes 10 pieces of porcelain crucible.

Powder processing is recommended for the best calcination and sintering results. MSE Supplies offer a variety of balling milling equipment and accessories for powder processing. 

Standard Products and Specifications

Material: Porcelain

Finish: Glazed

Maximum temperature: ~1200 °C


  •  Heating and cooling rates should not exceed 200°C per hour
  •  Don't melt alkaline substances such as NaOH, Na2O2, Na2COas flux
  •  Avoid the contact with hydrofluoric acid
Capacity (mL) Top Dia. (mm) Bottom Dia. (mm) Height (mm)
JA1139 5 25 16 22
JA1140 10 30 19 29
JA1141 15 35 22 30
JA1142 30 42 23 43
JA1143 50 53 30
JA1144 100 62 35 59
Crucible dimensions can be customized upon request.