GVS Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit

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Certificated CE-IVD

The FLAME BEADS Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed for the rapid and efficient isolation of viral DNA and RNA from serum, swabs, plasma, saliva, and other body fluids. 

The magnetic beads technology enables the isolation of highquality nucleic acids that are free of proteins, nucleases, and other impurities.

The purified nucleic acids are ready for direct use in downstream applications such as Next-Gen sequencing, hybridization-based, and RT/qPCR detection.

The kit can be used for both research purposes and in vitro diagnosis (IVD) and is validated for COVID-19 diagnosis.

When combined with isopropanol, the FLAME BEADS Lysis buffer creates optimum conditions for nucleic acid binding to the BEADS magnetic beads.

Contaminants such as salts, metabolites, and soluble macromolecular cellular components are removed in the wash process.

The nucleic acids are eluted in RNase-DNase free water and are then ready for use in subsequent reactions, including Real-Time PCR, Sanger Sequencing, NGS, PCR, and other enzymatic reactions.

The detection limit for certain viruses depends on the sensitivity of the individual PCR or RT-PCR assays.

Viral DNA/RNA are lysed quickly and efficiently using the lysis buffer, which is a highly concentrated solution of chaotropic salt.

Product Characteristics

  • Compatibility: the kit is compatible with the most common automated systems or usable for manual procedure
  • High yield and high extract purity: 100% sensitivity and specificity
  • Consistent and reproducible results: direct usage of extracted nucleic acid in downstream applications
  • Minimal hands-on time: room temperature-stable components

Compatible Extractors

  • Tecan Freedom EVO & Tecan DreamPrep NAP
  • Allsheng Auto-Pure
  • Masmec Biomed OMNIA
  • Perkin Elmer Chemagic 360
  • Thermofisher Kingfisher & Qiagen BioSprint
  • Applied Biosystems MagMax

GVS was founded in 1979 and is headquartered out of Bologna, Italy. GVS has a rich history of responsible innovation and a commitment to a future in which good health is a universally reachable target. In over 40 years of history, GVS has evolved from a supplier of components for the healthcare sector to a global group that produces highly technological diversified filtration solutions. 

In the Healthcare & Life Sciences area, the GVS plants operate with ISO 13485 certifications and are compliant with the European Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice. Many of the products in this division have the CE certification, are registered with FDA in the United States or have registrations for the specific countries where the group operates.