0.2L (4 x 50 ml) Vertical High Energy Planetary Ball Mill Glove Box

  • $ 3,99500

Description for Planetary Ball Mill Glove Box

Compact Glove Box High Energy Vertical Planetary Ball Mill for Battery Materials Processing. With the capacity for four 50 ml jars, this system is the most compact planetary mill on the market.

  • 4 x 50 ml jars 
  • Unique two-section design to make each part small and light enough for anti-chamber operation.
  • Separate bodies enable more efficient cooling, less wear and tear, and last longer.

Features of Ball Mill Glove Box 

  • Dimensions: width x length x height, 250 mm x 425 mm x 280 mm, Critical diagonal 376mm. can be moved in and out of glove box through the Anti-chamber. 
  • Special gear design which lowers the noise, about 15-20 db.
  • Stable Rotation speed. 
  • Programmable milling segments, with reversible rotation option.
  • Safety guaranteed view port with door interlock.
  • One year standard product warranty (excluding consumables) and life time product and applications support. 
  • Customized power supply. Please specify when placing the order.




Mill Jar volume

4 x 50 ml 


110V, 90 W

Machine Size

Main Body: 250 mm x 425 mm x 280 mm, Critical Diagonal of 376 mm, can fit in most glove boxes.

Controller: 200x180x240mm

Machine Weight

24 kg total weight

Work mode

2 or 4 jars working simultaneously

Mill mode

dry/wet milling

Speed Frequency


Drive Mode

gear drive

Rotational Speed

120~1160 RPM, adjustable

Revolution: rotation


Material Capacity

material + milling balls < 2/3 volume

Input Granularity Size

< 3mm 

Output Granularity Size

Min. of 0.1um

Fields of application

Materials Research, Battery Materials, Metals Mixing and Alloys

Feed materials

Soft, hard, brittle, fibrous, cellulose, herb, glass, soil, ore, pharmacy, chemical, florescent, pigment.

Type of grinding jars

Stainless steel, zirconia, agate, alumina, nylon, PU, tungsten carbide, PTFE etc, vacuum jars are available per request

Vacuum milling jars are available for loading and unloading materials in a glove box.

Type of grinding  media

stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, agate, tungsten carbide balls, etc.

Max. continuous operating time (full-load)

72 hours

Interval operation

yes, with direction reversal


ISO 9001. CE certificate.


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