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Germanium Oxide (GeO2), 99.999% (5N) (Metal Basis) ultra-high purity grade

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CAS Number: 1310-53-8

Product Number: CC-320801-5N

Product Purity: 99.999% (5N) (metal basis) ultra-high purity grade 


Formula: GeO2
Formula Weight: 104.64
Form: White powder
Melting point: 1115 °C
Density: 4.228 g/cm3
Optical materials, optics, laser, optical fibers, ceramics, glass, Li-ion battery, catalyst.
The refractive index (1.65) and optical dispersion properties of germanium dioxide (GeO2) makes it useful as an optical material for wide-angle lenses, in optical microscope objective lenses, and for the core of fiber-optic lines. GeO2 is transparent to the infrared spectrum. GeO2 can be manufactured into IR windows and lenses, used for night-vision technology in the military, luxury vehicles, and Thermographic cameras. 

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