Fresnel Lens

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Fresnel Lens

MSE supplies offers customized Fresnel Lenses with different materials, dimension, surface qualify, etc.

Unlike other optical elements that have curved surfaces, Fresnel lenses have grooved surfaces with same curvature with their conventional lenses counterpart. The groove design makes them much lighter and thinner than conventional lenses. It is widely used in projection, light houses, solar energy collection, etc.

Technical Data:

Below are the parameters for standard products. For customized products with different material, size, surface quality and coating, please contact us.

Parameters Value
Material Borosilicate Glass
Diameter / Grooves/Focal Length
  • 50mm/6/40mm
  • 80mm/6/50mm
  • 112mm/9/55mm
  • 130mm/8/70mm
  • 150mm/8/80mm
  • 150mm/7/110mm
  • 175mm/12/110mm
  • 200mm/12/100mm
  • 200mm/11/140mm
  • 250mm/15/120mm
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +/-0.1