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Electrolyte Wetting Measurement System for Battery research

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MSE Supplies offers Electrolyte Wetting Measurement System for various battery research. Our system replace the traditional method (contact angle measurement -> soaking time method -> wetting height method), which solves the problems of poor repeatability and the inability of accurately evaluating the infiltration effect of the electrolyte. The system is great for the development and research of lithium ion batteries.

Importance of Electrolyte Wetting:

Electrolyte is not only an important medium to ensure ion transmission, but also an important basis for the lithium ion batteries to obtain high voltage and high specific energy. The compaction density, pore size, porosity and many other parameters have influences on the wetting effect of the electrolyte in the electrode. The evaluation of the wetting effect can be used to optimize the process in the electrode and to give a new direction for the research and development of high-performance lithium ion batteries. It can also be used to measure the wetting performance of the separator, which is an important component of the lithium-ion batteries. In conclusion, it is important to effectively evaluate and test the stability of electrolyte wettability in order to develop high performance batteries.


  • Quantitatively evaluate the difference of electrolyte infiltration based on the capillary diffusion principle of electrolyte in the electrode and separator
  • Equipped with high precision mechanical control and visual acquisition system
  • Applicable to the evaluation of infiltration of different electrodes, electrolyte, separator with different formula and process
  • Real-time characterization of the wetting rate of the electrolyte in the sample.


Wettability test of negative electrode of lithium-ion battery


The above graph shows the test result for four different positions of the same negative electrode and four groups of repeatability tests. The saturation curves of four repeated infiltration tests on the same negative electrode are consistent, and the standard deviation of the difference of the liquid level height at 50s is about 0.135, which indicates that the test consistency is good.

Technical Specifications:

Dimension, W×D×H (mm) 560 x 430 x 470
Stress Control Range (g/cm2) 0 ~ 500
Stress Resolution (g/cm2) 0.01
Stress Accuracy ± 0.3%F.S
Suction Capacity (μL) 2
Screening Mode wet sieve
Supply Voltage (V) 220 / 110 (optional)
Environmental Temperature (°C) 0~50
Environmental Humidity ≤ 80%RH
Environmental Magnetic Field Keep away from strong electromagnetic fields