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High Performance Dr. Fritsch DWA11 Dosing Machine

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Dr. Fritsch DWA11 dosing machine is widely used for dosing powders, which means precisely weighing powders prior to pressing, via a pressing die, to ensure the sintered parts have exact dimensions. 

Main Features

  • Compact table-top dosing machine, ideal for labs
  • Automated weighing of powders
  • 30 powder cups (50mL each) included
  • Avoidance of powder contamination due to tool-free disassembly of all powder transporting parts for a better cleaning
  • Precise weighing results due to design features avoiding interferences (e.g. airflow, impacts and vibrations) on the weighing system
  • Constant filling quantities due to automatic rejection of weights out of tolerance
  • Simple switching to other weights or types of powders and from gram to karat
  • PLC-controlled machine cycle with the possibility to set the program data via touch panel
  • Self-diagnostic utility with error indication on display
  • Self-optimization after each weighing cycle
  • Fast discharge of powder bunker
  • Protection of the vibratory feeder against metal dust


  • Table frame
  • Turn-table plate 30/18 for two cup sizes (50mL/200mL)

In order to avoid diamond and powder contamination, we recommend the following exchange-parts:

  • powder hopper 8.5L
  • conveying channel
  • flapping cup incl. suspension
  • powder funnel (between flapping cup and cups)
  • container for weighing rejects
  • additional cups 30 pcs. (à 50mL)
  • additional cups 18 pcs. (à 200mL)
Country of Origin: Made in Germany

        Technical Data

        SKU# MA0407
        Total electric power 500 VA
        Total supply voltage 1 x 230 V, 50/60 Hz (other voltages and frequencies are possible on request)
        Total connected load max. 4 A
        Fuses (provided by customer) 6 A
        Compressed air - operating medium: compressed air according to ISO 8573-1:2010 (filtered and lubricated or non-lubricated)
        - consumption: approx. 1.2 – 1.5 L/h (depending on process)
        - pressure: 4 – 6 bar
        - connection: hose nozzle for hose with inner Ø 8 – 9 mm
        No. of powder cups 30 pcs. (à 50 mL)
        Weighing device 1 piece
        - construction: electronically, self-optimizing
        - weighing accuracy: 0.5 – 50 g: ± 0.05 g
        Dimensions Table machine
        With base frame
        Length approx. 820 mm approx. 820 mm
        Width approx. 820 mm approx. 820 mm
        Height approx. 915 mm approx.1,700 mm
        Weight approx. 115 kg approx. 160 kg


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