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Quantum Dots Dispersion Customization Service

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MSE Supplies provides customized quantum dots dispersion to support your research and production. 

Semiconductor quantum dots possess a wide absorption spectrum and emit light with narrow and symmetric emission spectra. By adjusting their composition and size, they can emit fluorescent light of various colors, enabling simultaneous multi-component detection. They exhibit high fluorescence intensity, excellent stability, and long emission times, facilitating tracking and repeat experiments. They also exhibit a large Stokes shift, which avoids the overlap between emission and excitation spectra, making signal detection easier. In research fields such as biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology, semiconductor quantum dots demonstrate extensive application prospects. 

Please choose the solvent you desire based on your needs, and customize according to the requirements of excitation and emission wavelengths.

We offer a variety of customized quantum dots dispersions, including:

Composition Excitation Wavelength Emission Wavelength Solvent to choose Concentration
CdS 365-420 nm 580-600 nm water, toluene, n-heptane, cyclohexane 3mg/mL
CdTe 365-420 nm 520-650nm water only
CdSe 365-420 nm 600nm toluene, n-heptane, cyclohexane
CdTe/ZnS 365-420 nm 520-650 nm water only
CdTe/CdS 365-420 nm 520-650 nm water only
CdSe/ZnS 365-460 nm 520-630 nm toluene, n-heptane, cyclohexane
CuInS2/ZnS 460 nm 650-710 nm toluene, n-heptane, cyclohexane
CdZnS/ZnS 365nm 460 nm toluene, n-heptane, cyclohexane

Note: Store sealed and light-protected at 4℃.

MSE Supplies offers various quantum dots (QDs) products, include graphene oxide QDs, graphene QDs, sulfur QDs, carbon QDs, silicon QDs, etc. We can also provide powder form quantum dots. 

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