MSE PRO Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewar, 35L

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MSE PRO™ Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewar, 35L 

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) dewars are insulated containers used for storing biological samples at temperatures as low as -196℃. They can also be used solely for liquid nitrogen storage as well. This 35L aluminum alloy dewar consists of an outer shell, an inner liner, a neck tube, a multilayer insulayer and a bucket. 

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  • Consists of an aluminum foil insulator as a reflective screen for low thermal conductivity and low outgassing rate in an effort to reduce heat radiation. 
  • The interlayer between the inner liner and shell is in a high vacuum state to prevent thermal convection of liquid nitrogen. 
  • Dewar neck allows for placement of 6 racks consisting of 5 layers for cryogenic box storage.

Items Included 

  • 35L dewar container
  • Lid to dewar container
  • 6 storage racks with 5 layers each
  • Protective cover for the dewar container


SKU # 

LS0214 (Normal Lid)

 Storage Volume (L) 35
Inner Neck Diameter (mm) 125
Material (Inner and External) Aluminum Alloy
Height (mm) 735
Diameter (mm) 451
Empty Weight (w/o Racks, kg) 18.6
Empty Weight (with Racks, kg) 23.04
Static Evaporation Rate (L/D) 0.36
# of Square Canister Racks 6
# of Layers to Canister Racks 5
Canister Rack Dimensions (mm) 82x84
Box Dimensions (mm) 76x76
Vial Capacity (1.2/2.0 mL) 750

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