Conductive Carbon Coated Copper Foil For Battery Research (260 mm wide 11 µm thick)

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Product Details:

Conductive carbon coated copper foil is a trending substrate/current collector in battery R&D and industries. Compared with bare copper foil, the conductive carbon coated copper foil has several advantages, such as:

  • Improved electrical conductivity and less internal resistance
  • Improve adhesion at active layer/current collector interface
  • Inhibition of cell polarization and short circuit caused by dendrite growth
  • Prevent substrate corrosion caused by electrolyte 

The overall cell performance can benefit from these advantages, including higher charge/discharge capacity, better rate capability and cycling performance.  

This conductive carbon coated copper foil can be customized upon request, such as coating material, coating thickness and copper foil thickness/width .  Please contact us at to provide your requirements. 


Product SKU# BR0127
Pack Size
1 kg per roll
Substrate material Copper (≥99.9% purity)
Substrate thickness µm
Substrate width 260 mm
Coating material TIMCAL Super P + KS6 Graphite
Coating thickness µm
Coating side Two sides
Coating width 230 mm
Coating density 0.54 g/m2
Coating surface resistivity  < 30 ohms per 25um^2
Total thickness 11 µm



Impedance studies of copper foil and graphite-coated copper foil electrodes in lithium-ion battery electrolyte, Electrochimica Acta, Volume 50, Issue 27, 20 September 2005, Pages 5473-5478