Single Side Conductive Carbon (1um T, 230 mm W) Coated Aluminum Foil (15um T, 260 mm W) For Lithium Battery Cathode,  MSE Supplies

Single Side Conductive Carbon (1um T, 230 mm W) Coated Aluminum Foil (15um T, 260 mm W) For Lithium Battery Cathode

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Product Details:

Conductive carbon coated aluminum foil is a trending substrate/current collector in battery R&D and industries. Compared with bare aluminum foil, the conductive carbon coated aluminum foil has several advantages, such as:

  • Improved electrical conductivity and less internal resistance
  • Improved adhesion at active layer/current collector interface
  • Inhibition of cell polarization and short circuit caused by dendrite growth
  • Prevention of substrate corrosion caused by electrolyte 

The overall cell performance can benefit from these advantages, including higher charge/discharge capacity, better rate capability and cycling performance.  

This conductive carbon coated aluminum foil can be customized upon request, such as coating material, coating thickness, aluminum foil thickness/width and coating type (aqueous or organic solvent).  Please contact us at to send your requirements. 


Product SKU# BR0150
Pack Size
1 kg per roll
Substrate material Al (≥99.9% purity)
Substrate thickness (available range) 12~30 µm
Substrate width Customized
Coating material TIMCAL Super P + KS6 Graphite
Coating thickness (available range) 1~2 µm
Coating side One side or two sides
Coating type Aqueous or organic solvent
Coating density 0.5-2.0 g/m2
Coating width Customized
This product's dimensions

Aluminum 15 µm

Single side coated with 1 µm conductive carbon

Coated width: 230 mm

Aluminum foil  width: 260 mm

Pack: 1kg/roll

Total Thickness: 16 µm



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