Basic Sample Holder - Metal Contact, 4 mm Max. Thickness


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Basic Sample Holder with a metal contact works as an electrical conductor between an electrode material (free-standing or deposited on a substrate) and an external circuit. This holder consists of PEEK body, pure Tantalum or Stainless Steel 316L metal electrical contact and PEEK screw to fix the electrode. It is compatible with most of inorganic and organic based plates, free-standing membranes or thin films deposited on flexible and rigid substrates. A maximum thickness of the sample is 4 mm. Tantalum is known to be inert to practically all organic and inorganic compounds. Tantalum's corrosion resistance is very similar to that of glass, as both are unsuitable for use in hydrofluoric acid and strong hot alkali applications. Therefore in those cases we recommend Stainless Steel 316L wire contact variant.  The metal contact can be fully immersed in the electrolyte. 

Application note
Generally, the electrode is fabricated by fixing the electrochemical active sample into the holder using a screw. Such electrode is immersed in the ion-conducting solution as a working electrode or counter electrode. An electric current is passed between the working electrode and the counter electrode for a certain amount of time. Metal wire contact is permanently installed in the PEEK body. The holder is designed to be used multiple times. The holder should be cleaned prior to the installation of electrode material.

Holder body material: PEEK
Rod diameter: 6 mm
Contact material: Tantalum or Stainless Steel 316L
Contact wire diameter: 0.6 mm
Contact wire total length: 110 mm
Holder length: 70 mm
Maximum sample thickness: 4 mm

Intrastat data:
NET weight: 100 g

Product includes:
1 x Basic Sample Holder
1 x PEEK M3 screw
1 O-Ring (FKM for aqueous or FFKM for organic electrolytes)