MSE PRO Ball Lenses

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Ball Lenses

MSE supplies offers Ball Lenses made of N-BK7/H-K9L, Sapphire and Fused silica with diameter between 0.5mm to 50mm. Ball lenses are a kind of biconvex lenses in spherical shape that made of optical glass with good transparency and refractive parameters. The most common application is as beam collimators for optical fibers, emitters and detectors. Other applications include endoscope, bar-code scanning and laser measurement.

Technical Data:

Below are the parameters for standard products. For customized products with different material, diameter, sphericity, surface quality and coating, please contact us.

Parameters Value
  • H-K9L/N-BK7 
  • Sapphire
  • Fused Silica
Diameter (mm) 0.5-50
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +/-0.03
Packing Weight (g)
  • 10 for diameter <=10
  • 20 for diameter <= 20
  • 50 for diameter <= 30
  • 110 for diameter <= 40
  • 200 for diameter <= 50
*Sphericity (um) +/-0.005
Surface Quality 60/40 Scratch/Dig

Note: *Sphericity is the deviation of the ball lens from a perfect sphere.