Arc Melter Model AM500 (500 g), Made in Germany by Edmund Buhler,  MSE Supplies

Arc Melter Model AM500 (500 g), Made in Germany by Edmund Buhler

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labMSE Supplies is the exclusive distributor of Edmund Buhler materials science products in the United States.


Quantity: up to 500 g of metal
Temperature: Max. 3500°C
Generators: max. 800 A
Connection: 400 V, 3-ph, 50/60 Hz (generator); 230 V, 50/ 60 Hz (arc melter) (different voltage on request)
Crucible plate: different versions available, or customized crucible plates
Options: Sample manipulator, Tilt casting, Suction casting, Recirculating chiller
Onsite installation and training: Available upon request. A qualified engineer from the German factory will visit onsite to perform the installation and training. Labor rate: $900 per day. Travel and lodging costs extra.


Designed for melting samples of up to approx. 500 g at temperatures up to 3500°C
Water-cooled copper crucible plate with multi-purpose moulds
(for button or rod samples, or customized)
Water-cooled, double-walled high vacuum chamber
Highly reliable, hydraulic hoist
Motor-driven, water-cooled tungsten electrode which can be moved freely above the crucibles
Excellent observation of the melting process through viewing port(s)
Control panel with all major operating functions at the top of the electrode for safe
and convenient operation
Crucible plates with customized molds on request
Contactless ignition of the arc
Powerful arc melting generators for up to approx. 3500°C
High-vacuum pumping and measuring systems, built into the rack system ready for operation

Pricelist of AM500 Arc Melter (available upon request)