Ampcera™ Solid Electrolyte, LAGP Sputtering Target for LISICON Thin Films

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Product Information
Ampcera™ Solid Electrolyte, LAGP Sputtering Target for LISICON Thin Films, Solid State Electrolyte for Advanced Lithium Batteries
Composition: Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5P3O12 (LAGP) or Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)3 (LAGP),  Lithium aluminum germanium phosphate. 
Compared to LATP, there are several advantages of LAGP as a solid electrolyte material.
Purity: >99.9% 
Theoretical Density: 3.42 g/cm^3
Sputtering Target dimensions: 2" diameter x 1/8" thickness (other customized sizes are available upon request)
Copper backing plate dimensions: 2" diameter x 1/8" thickness
Bonding: Indium bonding
Product Form: Hot pressed sputtering target

Lithium ion conductivity: up to 5×10-4 S/cm at room temperature and stable in air.

Stability: LAGP is stable to wafer and air.

Packaging: vacuum sealed. 

Applications: Solid state electrolyte material for all solid state lithium ion batteries and lithium air batteries. Sputtering target for depositing thin LISICON films.  
* All solid state electrolyte materials sold by MSE Supplies are under the trademark of Ampcera™.



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