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Ampcera Lithium Niobium Oxide, LiNbO3 (1.5 wt%) coated Single Crystal NMC Ni90 Cathode Powder, 10g

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Ampcera® LiNbO3 (1.5 wt%) coated Single Crystal NMC Ni90 Cathode Powder, 3-5um D50, Cathode Material, 10g

Product Benefit: LiNbOcoated Single Crystal NMC Ni90 Cathode Powder provides superior high rate capability of cathode when being used with solid state electrolyte materials.  The coating of LiNbOon Single Crystal NMC Ni90 cathode not only supplied a protective surface coating but also optimized the electrochemical behavior of single crystal NMC Ni90 cathode material. 

Product Number (SKU#): PO0239

Package Size: 10g

Particle Size:

    • D10: 1.9±0.9 µm
    • D50: 4.0±1.0 µm
    • D90: 7.5±2.5 µm 

Supplier: Ampcera Inc. (Ampcera Inside™)

Specifications (Custom made cathode materials with LiNbO3 coating can be provided by Ampcera Inc. upon request. Please contact us for a quote.)

LiNbOCoating: 1.5 wt% of NMC Ni90

Appearance: Ash black color powder

Molecular Formula: LiNi0.9Mn0.05Co0.05O2 (Ni:Mn:Co = 90:5:5)

Material Type: Single crystal NMC Ni90 powder

Chemical Name or Material: Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide

Figure is for reference only.

 Parameter Specifications
Li (wt%) 7.10±0.20
Ni (wt%) 54.00±1.50
Mn (wt%) 2.20±0.50
Co (wt%) 2.90±0.50

CO32- (wt%)


OH- (wt%)

Fe (ppm) ≤30
Cu (ppm) ≤30
Na (ppm) ≤200
Ca (ppm) ≤200
Mg (ppm) ≤150
Zn (ppm) ≤20


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