Ampcera® Argyrodite Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5 Sulfide Solid Electrolyte, Pass 325 mesh (D50 ~ 10 um) Fine Powder

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Ampcera® Sulfide Solid Electrolyte Argyrodite Type Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5 Fine Powder, Pass 325 mesh, D50 ~ 10 um

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Manufacturer: Ampcera Inc. 

Product Number: PO0184

Composition: : Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5

Material Type: Argyrodite, Li-argyrodite crystalline phase

Purity: synthesized from >99.9% precursor materials

Product Form: light yellow color powder

Particle Size: Pass 325 mesh, D50 ~ 10 µm. This fine powder can be directly used to make composite solid electrolytes or to mix with cathode materials as solid state catholyte. The finer powder helps to improve the cathode-electrolyte interface contact.

Ionic Conductivity: up to > 3.5 x 10-3 S/cm (3.5 mS/cm) at room temperature, the ionic conductivity is slightly lower compared to the coarse powder due to the effect of more interfaces among the fine particles.

Electronic Conductivity: ~10-6 S/cm at room temperature (25 degree C)

Applications: Solid state electrolyte material for all solid state lithium ion batteries. Cathode electrolyte (catholyte).

Storage and Cautions: Water sensitive. Store and operate in a dry environment.

About Argyrodite solid electrolyte:

Argyrodites, Li6PS5X (X = Cl, Br), are considered to be among the most promising solid-state electrolytes for solid-state batteries.  Argyrodite-type crystalline materials, such as Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5, are promising solid electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries because of their high ionic conductivity (up to > 3.5 mS/cm at room temperature), good processability and excellent electrochemical stability. Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5 has been reported to exhibit higher ionic conductivity than Li6PS5Cl and Li6PS5Br.  With its proprietary technology, Ampcera Inc. is the first company in the world that has successfully commercialized the Argyrodite-type Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5 solid electrolyte material with a production capacity of more than one metric ton per year. Please contact us for bulk order discount. Customized processing is also available to meet the technical specifications requested by customers.

* All the solid state electrolyte materials sold by MSE Supplies are under the trademark of Ampcera.

X-Ray Diffraction Spectrum of Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5, which shows an Argyrodite phase (F-43m) structure

XRD of Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5 powder Ampcera

Electrochemical Impedance Spectrum (EIS) of Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5, showing a measured room temperature ionic conductivity of 3.6 x 10-3 S/cm
EIS of Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5 powder Ampcera