Ampcera<sup>TM</sup> Argyrodite Li<sub>6</sub>PS<sub>5</sub>Br Sulfide Solid Electrolyte, Pass 325 mesh (D50 ~ 10 um) Fine Powder,  MSE Supplies

Ampcera® Argyrodite Li6PS5Br Sulfide Solid Electrolyte, Pass 325 mesh (D50 ~ 10 um) Fine Powder

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Ampcera® Sulfide Solid Electrolyte Argyrodite Type Li6PS5Br Fine Powder, Pass 325 mesh, D50 ~ 10 um

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Manufacturer: Ampcera Inc.  (Ampcera Inside™)
Product Number: PO0183
Composition: : Li6PS5Br
Theoretical Density: 1.90 g/cm3
Material Type: Argyrodite, Li-argyrodite crystalline phase
Purity: synthesized from >99.9% precursor materials
Product Form: light yellow color powder
Particle Size: Pass 325 mesh, D50 ~10 µm. This fine powder can be directly used to make composite solid electrolytes or to mix with cathode materials as solid state catholyte. The finer powder helps to improve the cathode-electrolyte interface contact.
Ionic Conductivity: up to > 2 x 10-3 S/cm (2 mS/cm) at room temperature, the ionic conductivity is slightly lower compared to the coarse powder due to the effect of more interfaces among the fine particles.
Electronic Conductivity: ~10-7 S/cm at room temperature (25 °C)

Applications: Solid state electrolyte material for all solid state lithium ion batteries. Cathode electrolyte (catholyte).
Storage and Cautions: Water sensitive. Store and operate in a dry environment.

About Argyrodite solid electrolyte:
Argyrodites, Li6PS5X (X = Cl, Br), are considered to be among the most promising solid-state electrolytes for solid-state batteries.  Argyrodite-type crystalline materials, such as Li6PS5Br, are promising solid electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries because of their high ionic conductivity (up to > 2 mS/cm at room temperature), good processability and excellent electrochemical stability. With its proprietary technology, Ampcera Inc. is the first company in the world that has successfully commercialized the Argyrodite-type Li6PS5Br solid electrolyte material with a production capacity of more than one metric ton per year. Please contact us for bulk order discount. Customized processing is also available to meet the technical specifications requested by customers.
* All the solid state electrolyte materials sold by MSE Supplies are under the trademark of Ampcera.

X-Ray Diffraction Spectrum of Li6PS5Br
XRD of Li6PS5Br powder Ampcera

Electrochemical Impedance Spectrum (EIS) of Li6PS5Br, showing a measured room temperature ionic conductivity of 2 x 10-3 S/cm
EIS of Li6PS5Br powder Ampcera