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Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) Glass Substrate

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MSE Supplies provides the AZO glass substrates for all your research and industrial needs. We customize our products’ size, resistance and patterns to meet your specifications. Please provide a mask if you need a customized pattern. We can offer double-sided AZO glass upon request. We can offer AZO coating on various substrates as well, such as JGS1, JGS2, sapphire, quartz single crystal. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Al-doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) is a thin film of Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) of high value due to its strong optical transmittance, low resistance, non-toxic nature, cost-effectiveness, and resistance to hydrogen plasma. This makes it an ideal material for solar cells and other uses.

Note: The maximum substrate size and coating service we can provide is 2" diameter.