Accuris IsoPure 96 Automated Purification System

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Accuris IsoPure™ 96 Automated Purification System

The IsoPure™ 96 from Accuris Instruments is a high throughput, automated system that improves the efficiency and reproducibility of magnetic bead-based purification protocols. Capable of processing up to 96 samples at one time, the instrument is easy to set up and program. Mixing, magnetic bead transfer, washing, and elution steps are performed automatically. The purification process can be completed within 10 to 60 minutes depending on the type of reagent kit used and complexity of the program.

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  • Compatible with all popular magnetic bead kits

  • Touch screen panel for on-board programming and operation

  • Process up to 96 samples in deep-well plates

  • 8-position carousel with 2 heating blocks

  • Sample volume 50µl – 1000µl

Instruction Manual for IsoPure™ 96 Automated Purification System

Product Literature for IsoPure™ 96 Automated Purification System



Capacity / sample volume 96 samples  /  50µL to 1000µL
Display 7.0 inch-color touch screen
Plate positions 8 Plate positions
Lysis temperature range Ambient +5°C to 120°C
Elution temperature range Ambient +5°C to 120°C
Mixing speed Variable, 10 levels
Programming control Touch screen/mouse or PC connection
Program memory 100 programs (internal memory)
Communication ports USB, LAN, & PC
Magnetic bead recovery rate >95%
Internal lighting LED
Contamination control UV lamp (3W, 253.7nm UVC wavelength)
Dimensions 21.6 x 24.4 x 18.9 in. (55 x 62 x 48 cm)
Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs
Electrical input Universal 120 to 240VAC
Warranty 2 years

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