Accessories for Microplate Shaker TiMix 5 Series (Edmund Buhler, Made in Germany)

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The Edmund Buhler Microplate Shaker TiMix 5 guarantees optimal mixing of small sample volumes in microplates, deepweel-plates or other plates in microplate format. In addition to the basic systems for TiMix 5 and TiMix 5 Control, a user also need to consider adding the necessary accessories for holding and clamping microplates during shaking. The wide choice of different rack systems allows fastening between 8 and 48 microplates.

Basic Microplate Shaker TiMix 5 series
Basic device without shaking plate, without rack system

Microplate shaker TiMix 5 (without rack), p/n 6166 000 learn more...

Microplate shaker TiMix 5 control (without rack), p/n 6167 000 learn more...

Loading Capacity and Accessories
Standard rack system, p/n 0052 101 8 microplates
Rack system with pins, p/n 0052 096 8 microplates
Standard rack system, p/n 0052 101 +
Additional tray, p/n 0052 102 16 microplates
Rack System with high clamping pins, p/n 0052 104 (24 microplates)
Rack System with metal clamping pins, p/n 0052 125 (48 microplates)