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MSE PRO 99% Anhydrous Zirconium(IV) Chloride (ZrCl4) Powder

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MSE PRO™ 99% Anhydrous Zirconium(IV) Chloride (ZrCl4) Powder

Zirconium(IV) Chloride (ZrCl4) is employed as catalyst to promote green amidations of carboxylic acids and amines. ZrCl4 is widely used in various material fabrication fields such as battery electrode manufacturing and polymer synthesis. 

Technical Data

Product Name Zirconium(IV) Chloride
Synonym Tetrachlorozirconium, Zirconium tetrachloride
  • CM4023: 100g
  • CM4024: 1kg

Chemical Formula ZrCl4
CAS# 10026-11-6
Appearance White Powder
Molecular Weight 233.03 g/mol
Purity 99 % (2N)

XRD spectrum of the ZrCl4 Powder is shown below.


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